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    I used your instructions and the pictures on my portfolio entries now look ok. However, I’m having a bit of an issue with the text:

    The only way I can get the text not to show under the picture is by using the one half shortcode, that hides it until one clicks on the picture but once it shows it is on narrow column format. Can you please tell the formatting settings you used in the text you have on the portfolio entries of your demo? If you could also show me how to hide the rest of the text behind the read more hyperlink that would be great.

    here is mine:

    Thank you guys



    The current version of Flashlight is 1.5 while you are using the ancient 1.2 . You will need to update the theme in order to resolve your issue. Please log into using the account you purchased the theme with , and download the update. Please be aware that the update will overwrite your theme files and must be installed using FTP, so make a backup first.




    Overwrite? all my WPML settings will be gone? Do I have to re-create all the pages as well? background and color settings gone as well?

    Worry it took a lot to get here

    Thanks as always


    This is what I have according to Word Press

    Current Theme


    By KriesiVersion 1.2.0

    A responsive Business and Portfolio Theme by Kriesi – Update notifications available on twitter and facebook: Follow me on twitter – Join the Facebook Group


    That’s the same version I see on their site


    No, if you overwrite the theme files with ftp you won’t loose any settings (wordpress, theme settings, posts, etc.). You’ll loose your customized files though – thus I’d suggest to backup all files if you modified a php file or the theme stylesheets(s). Then you can upload the updated files and re-apply the modified code.


    Customized files? all I I have are Images and a couple of plugins for tech support, forms,etc. Would these be affected? Can you provide steps to perform the upgrade via FTP?

    The version file on the them I downloaded from themeforest starts with this heading. Is this the theme file I need?

    2013 April 15th – Version 1.5

    file style.css: updated version number

    file: functions.php – removed the twitter and facebook scripts

    file: includes/loop-index.php – removed twitter and facebook button due to API problems. please use a plugin in the future if you need this functionality

    file: choices/includes/loop-portfolio-single.php – removed twitter and facebook button due to API problems. please use a plugin in the future if you need this functionality


    1) No, the images in the media gallery, the theme options and the plugins for tech support, forms,etc will not be affected by the update.

    2) See:

    3) Yes – themeforest will always provide the latest version of the theme.

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