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    Ok, so i got a problem, that can be solved a quick and dirty way, that i’m sure you can help with, and the ideal way, which i don’t think is within the scope of theme support :) But maybe you can point me towards a plugin that can help me?

    Anyway, my problem is:

    I live in EU, but sell quite a lot to USA/World. I have a flat sales tax of 25% for everyone within EU, but everyone outside of EU pay NO TAX, so the ideal solution would be to have the price on the product and category page, show the price including tax only for EU GeoIP’s, and for all others it would show the price without tax (the tax rules work fine, but not until the user inputs a country, and most don’t understand that they won’t be charged the sales tax). Is there an easy way to do this? Or do you know of a plugin that could do this? I don’t mind paying a fair price for a good long term solution here.

    Now that was the part that i almost assume is beyond your call of duty, so here comes the part where i think yuo can help:

    Assuming i can not do this IP dependent tax display, i figured i should add some text to the product and category page, explaining that this is including the tax. Can you point me to the place to do that? I found the price.php, which lets me inject text on the category page, but i can’t for the life of me find the product equivilant.

    If it makes a difference, my website is



    Why not do like this –>

    Geolocation/IP based is far from accurate with many people using privacy settings, private proxies, vpn. It’s easier at checkout, once they input their Country to show them the tax rate.




    That is indeed what i do, and it works very well :) But only when they have actively decided to check out.

    My problem is that most non-EU don’t members understand the high tax burdens we have in Europe, and just assume that the price is not including tax (especially US customers, since prices in USA are 99% of the time displayed without sales-tax).

    This means that they see my prices and assume that i’m very expensive, and they never get so far as ordering (where they would see the price reduction), and simply leave with the impression that i’m 25% more expensive than i actually am.

    I’ve considdered showing prices without tax default (and right now it is showing without tax, i was playing a bit with it), but i’m based in scandinavia and quite a big chunk of my customers are EU based, so it feels wrong towards them to have the price excluding tax :/ Bit difficult to decide which it should be, so i was hoping there was a smart way to customize it depending on where they came from.

    Like i said, assuming that can’t be done, i would really like to know where i need to edit in order to insert some text to the left of the price on the individual product page.


    Ok well i did some further digging and foound the price.php in the normal woocommerce templates and added it there. Not the ideal solution, but you’re probably right about the GeoIP’s not being reliable, so it’s the best i can do :)


    Hi, I see your dilemma. GEOip would be your ideal solution since even if it works 50% of the time, its still 50% improvement. The guys at WooCommerce I am certain must have some extra gizmo for it since you can’t be the first person to notice this. I would ask on their forum too.



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