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    Is there a test user account for using with the demos to see how the theme features look when a user is logged in?



    Hi a b,

    No there isn’t. Is there something that isn’t working right for your logged in users?


    I haven’t tested the theme yet, I am just trying to find out how the logged in user interface looks like. Because I do not want regular users to be faced with dashboard when they want to comment or post a question in the forum.


    You can use plugins like: to hide the admin bar. There’s no need for a test account :)


    oh, wordpress is getting very functional these days :) is the admin-bar hideable for some user types with this plugin?

    For example, arranging so that admins can see the dashboard and regular users cannot?


    I don’t think so – but there’re better plugins out there. All can be found in the database – (just search for “hide admin bar”).



    I think i am looking for a solution similar to the one used in . I, as a user can do everything on the website without seeing the dashboard. Wondering what kriesi used here :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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