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    I´m working with shoutbox right now and find a little display error. I have created a template with 4 colums here:

    And 5 Here:

    Did you know why appears white space after de text excerpt and keeps growing file by file?



    P.D. Congratulations for your work!!



    to remove this you can add the following to your custom.css file

    min-height:0 !important;


    Great!! Thanks!!


    Glad that I could help :)


    Nacho, I think you have a problem with your site.

    Did you change any of the .php files in Shoutbox? I don’t think your 4 column panels should have ragged lengths at the bottom. The last time I saw it they all extended to the same length downwards (which is how it is supposed to work), but in your site each row of four panels was getting deeper than the one above. Chris’ fix isn’t solving the problem you have underneath, it’s just ending the panels after the excerpt. But they are all supposed to be the same depth.

    In one of the panels “El movimiento se hizo trendy”, you have text which is running off the edge to the right. Also your searchbar at the top is all squashed up vertically.

    Maybe you cut off some syntax in a .php file by mistake. If you lose one “}” or a “;” it can really screw things up!



    It´s Ok Rumble!! It´s only problem of the title lengh it´s not a fail….. :-P Best, Nacho.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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