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    When I downloaded the Angular theme and attempted to install it, I get an error that the theme is incomplete. That it needs a stylesheet and a template. I found a previous discussion from about a month ago with a similar error, and it looks like the same is true from the ZIP file that I downloaded from It is missing the theme.php file. Is there somewhere I can download this file from? The other needed file (style.css) is in the theme folder, so I’m just looking for the theme.php. If you can point me to a place I can download it, that would be awesome. Definitely looking forward to using this theme!



    Did you unzip the file from Themeforest first? Inside the first zip file is another zip file called, this is the file that you need to use to install the theme via the wordpress cp.


    Hi juliegross89,

    Just as what slackbladder have posted, you need to unzip the file you have downloaded from themeforest, inside it is another zip file called, this is what you should install. The link posted by slackbladder should help you. :)

    @slackbladder: thanks for helping out.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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