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    Hello all,

    I found something and I am not sure how te fix it.

    For a client I am modifying the template.I made two new divs in the footer. One for some widgets and one for a custom footer menu. They are situated right under the content box. So far so good. In IE9,chrome and firefox everything is ok. But in IE8 and below there are some problems. In IE8 the div’s are stick to the bottom so there is a huge emty area between the content and the custom made div’s. I tested some things with the developer tools in IE. (F12). The divs are moving when I made the browsers window bigger and smaller. It turns out that the container_wrap (<div class=”container_wrap”></div>) is pussing the custom made divs down until it reach the size of the largest page of the site. I turnt all scripts off in the browser and the problem was gone.

    So, in some avia js files I see some “resize” things and I think that the problem is in the avia_fullscreen_slider.js. The javascript is resizing the container_wrap until it reach the length of the largest page.

    Is there any way to fixe this? I am using one fullscreen background image for the entire site so maybe I can use an image with css and disable the avia_fullscreen_slider.js or is that not done?

    I hope someone undestands my problem and can help me because this has to be fixed.

    Thanks a lot!


    Is there anybody? Or is my question a little vaguely?




    A little! :)

    It would probebly be helpful if you could post a link to your site?



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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