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    We’ve appreciated how helpful you’ve all been so far as we customize our Incarnation theme. I’m trying to use more of the functionality of the custom template builder to create more variety in our pages (including upcoming events from a specific category with a widget). However, whenever I set up a custom template that uses a left or right sidebar, the sidebar ends up underneath the main content container.

    For some pages, I’ve gotten around it by using no-sidebar, but there are some pages where the sidebar is non-negotiable. Any ideas why this might happen? Here’s a link to one I’ve been playing around with and unable to get to work with a sidebar.



    Did you add some padding on the main content div? You can add this on your custom.css or Quick CSS:

    .container .eight.units {
    width: 560px;


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    HI Ismael,

    We haven’t changed the main container unit. I did find that if I choose ‘no’ in the Boxed Page Split Overlap box for the main container page split, the sidebar appears in the correct location. However, then the page layout does not match the default layout which has the main content area overlap the breadcrumb and heading, and creates a shadow behind the main content.

    Contrast and the default layout here

    Is there a way to get this same overlap look with a sidebar in the dynamic template layout?





    I can see that the code worked. Is that correct?



    Yes & no. The code made the sidebar come up to the side, but with some padding between the main content and the sidebar (and the sidebard didn’t overlap the heading area above).

    What makes it work is to choose no for the “boxed page split overlap” for the page split between the big slideshow area (with the heading and breadcrumb in it) and the main content.

    But it would be really nice to have that boxed overlap with the sidebar inside it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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