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    Hi there,

    I created a new template via the builder for my blog and I have a few questions please:

    1) How can I get rid of the page title? If you look at the page in this link, there is the word “blog” in small letters. I have it set in the builder to have a custom title but both the page title and my custom title that I set in the builder show up. (hosted on WPengine)

    2) How can I add that grey background in the dark orange style that is behind page titles, like “Blog – Latest News”, using the template builder? Please see

    3) May I please ask you what a page split element is in the template builder? I havent seen that element before in Kriesi’s themes.

    Many thanks,



    Sorry, never mind question #1 above but I’d still love to hear from you on #2 & #3 above when you get a chance.

    Many thanks,



    Hi Peter,

    For #2, Try to add this in your Quick CSS or custom.css:

    .slideshow_color.title_container {
    background-color: #F05A1A !important;




    That worked Ismael, thanks so much! May I please ask you how I can get that dropshadow instead that is in the default blue theme?



    Hi Ismael,

    That’s actually not working. :( Could you please help us out? I’m trying to have the header of the dynamic templates look the same as the other pages in the dark orange style (the ones with the grey background).

    Much appreciated,



    Ok, I got it. In template builder you have to use a page split->Big Slideshow Area right before the Heading (+Breadcrumb) and then apply another page split right after.

    Thanks! :)


    Glad you figured it out Juni_83.

    As far as your third question Peter, you can see an example of the Page Split on Look at the phrase “Welcome to our Landing Page. Want to know more?”. Notice how the background color is different from the rest of the content and has the shadow? That’s the Page Split in action – it allows you to select a new color scheme for the content below it.

    In the landing page demo template, the elements are as follow:


    Page Split

    Text Area/Callout/Quotes

    Page Split

    Post/Page Content


    Try what Juni_83 did via the Template Builder in order to apply your shadow.




    Awesome, everything works guys just like you said! Thanks Mya, Juni_83, and Ismael, you guys rock!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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