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    Hi, I had a search for this issue, but couldn’t find any details, so apologies if it’s been covered before.

    The problem is that when I move a website from a test-build to a live domain, the Template Builder loses all settings, meaning I have to go through and set up all the layout content etc again, which is both annoying and time consuming.

    My process involves uploading all the files to the live server then importing the SQL database to the live server and running (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -databases/”>”Interconnectit” Search and Replace tool (which I believe Kriesi has previously recommended to preserve serialised data) to change all instances of the old domain to the new one.

    Is there something else I should be doing to retain all the Template Builder settings, or is there a table which I should exclude from the search and replace tool?

    Any help is appreciated. Perhaps an export/import settings feature would be a useful addition to the Template Builder is it’s not already on your dev roadmap?


    Dunc R


    Hi Dunc,

    Make sure you are also transferring over the wp_options table since it holds the various theme options. I don’t know which theme this is for but this is a quote from Kriesi on the same question from a while back with the Choices theme:

    the options table of wordpress:
    "avia_options_choices_dynamic_pages" (defines the pages)
    "avia_options_choices_dynamic_elements" (defines the elements for those pages)
    all other options like theme colors etc are stored in "avia_options_choices"




    Hi there,

    Im having exactly the same problem. Its with the replete theme. When i move the site to a new location it completely resets all the templates i build in the template builder :(

    I made a complete export of the database so im not missing any tables.

    Could you fix this? Now i have to rebuild all the templates again

    Thanks in advance


    Hi tienvijf,

    There isn’t really a fix to be done. Its best to use a tool like WP MIGRATE DB or any other plugin that will properly change the serialized data over in addition to the raw database settings.





    Great suggestion – been trying to solve this problem for a few days now.




    Glad that helped B.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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