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    Hi, I’m having issues getting templates to work on my theme. I’ve tried creating one in the template builder and saved it, but it won’t show up as an option on either the Page Attributes or Layout sections. The Frontpage template that came with the theme doesn’t show up either. Am I looking in the wrong place? Am I missing a step when saving? Please help! :(




    Hey Gabby,

    Have you tried selecting Dynamic Template from the Layouts dropdown first? I believe you need to select it, then another dropdown will appear for the template builder templates (which are often called Dynamic templates).




    Another simple fix! Feeling uber silly right now. Thanks so much LOL


    Ok, so now I’m in the Template Builder trying to make sure the Front Page has a slider, but I can’t figure that out either. Is this called a “Slideshow” on this theme or am I supposed to do this by installing another plugin? I’m at a loss here :-/


    Hi GabrielleB92,

    No, you don’t need to add a plugin, just make sure that the FrontPage template in template builder has a slideshow. And the next thing you should do, is edit the page that you have set as the frontpage. On that page, you should see the Slideshow Options (where your slideshow settings is set) and you should also see Featured Media, where you add the images that will be included in the slideshow. Hope this helps.




    That does help, thank you. I’ve been playing around with image dimension though and can’t seem to get them right. What would be the best dimensions for the Homepage slider?


    I also have another couple of questions:

    Is there a way to change the order in which the portfolios show up on the Portfolio page? I tried changing the dates in which each portfolio item was published, but that made no difference.

    I’m also having issues with the way in which the portfolios display on the port page. If I set it to show on the same page and click on a portfolio item, it will drop down a little, show nothing and then come back up. The only way I can get them to show is by setting it to show on a “single page”. Is there any way they can open up in a lightbox on the same page?





    Please add these 4 widgets that will help you along your way: (improves a common widget) (allows you to control size of image constraints in Settings > Media ) (allows you to change order of portfolio items)

    If you are new to wordpress please consider reading the basics and worry more about discovering wordpress then building anything useful for a day. Watch a 1-2 hour video, they are some that won’t instantly put u to sleep or talk down to you.




    Hi, Thanks for the plugins, it was able to fix the portfolio post orders, but I’m still stuck with the correct image dimensions for the homepage slider. I just figured there were specific dimensions for your theme, as all themes are different.



    The second plugin i recommended will give you all internal theme image sizes on Settings > Media where you can change those sizes. I can’t see your homepage so I am not sure what slider you are using. Please provide the URL or simply change the image sizes with the plugin. Just remember that changing the image size will not change any sizes of already uploaded images. Only new uploads will be affected. To change the images you already uploaded you will need to regenerate them using the 2nd plugin above.




    I’ve deactivated the coming soon page so it can be seen now

    The slider I’m using is what was suggested above…Uploading the images into the Slideshow section of the home page. That’s why I’m so confused because I don’t know if that specific image setting can be changed. I don’t know which setting it would fall under (post format image, fullsize size, dynamic_1, etc).



    Your home page has size: ”featured” 930×340 originally , though I think you have it at 900×340




    Thank you so much Nick! Really appreciate the help! :)



    Glad it is fixed. :)



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