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    Hi. I used propulsion to create this website. and it works so good.
    Now we want to translate to some languages. WPML is installed and everything is ok to start.
    We have about 20 landing pages created in Template Builder for spanish version.
    Now when I switch to another language template builder is empty. I know that’s normal I have to set up template builder in this new language. This means that I have to create these 20 landing pages with all moudles in the new language. This is a lot of work.
    I want to know if it is possible simplify that work exporting this 20 landing pages in spanish, then switch to new language and import the information. Then the translator only have to translate the text.
    So, it is possible export – import template builder layouts? How?

    If this possibility is not available. Probably we ask a developer in o.desk to do it. Before to do it I want to ask if import layouts in template options could cause errors in website. If is a dangerous think I prefer to do it manually.

    Thanks for your attention.


    Hey ulaschmied!

    No, unfortunately the template builder doesn’t have an export/import utility for multi language setups or in general.

    Best regards,


    Hi Devin. I need to know if I can contract a developer to create this function.
    I know that theme is delicate, lot of powerful plugins working together WPML, woocomerce. I have to start from scratch 2 or 3 times with problems generated in database.
    I don’t want to contract somebody to develop that function and then have problems with import and export files.
    If you think is better to set up template builder manually, tell me because then I have a reason to give to my client.
    And then my client will forget that desired import/export function.



    In this case I would say it would be quicker and easier to just duplicate the templates for each language than to try and build an import/export function on top of the theme.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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