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    A few of my pages were not working whenever I clicked the “Preview Changes” button, I was having to “Update” and then refresh the page before being able to see my edits. I found that it was only the pages that used one of my Template Builder pages. I went into the builder and deleted all of the elements and tried re-adding them. After trying to add each one an error message came up saying “adding of element successful but the script generated unexpected output:”. Like the message states the element was there and shows on the pages, but the “Preview Changes” button still does not work on those pages. I have tested adding elements and using the preview changes link in Safari, Firefox and Chrome, all three get that error message and do not work. We recently switched hosting providers,but I checked on the older staging site and it’s doing the same thing so it’s not connected to the server move as far as I can tell and must have been a preexisting bug.

    Any suggestions?



    Try to deactivate all third party plugins to see if it gets fixed.



    Thanks Josue. I’m worried that if I do that all of the work I have put into building everything will be lost. I don’t want to have to go in and redo EVERYTHING that the plugins did. Is that what will happen if I deactivate and reactivate them?




    Plugin settings are stored in the database, don’t worry. If you want you can try deactivating one by one.




    I went through and deactivated and then reactivated all of the plugins, but I am still getting the same error. I get this error now when I am adding an image to my products as well. Then the same thing happens, I can’t “preview my changes” I can only “update” and then see the changes.

    Also, when I try to update plugins an error comes up saying “could not create directory”.

    Any idea what could be going on?
    Thanks, Claire



    Did you get the error when all plugins were deactivated? What version of WordPress and the theme are you currently using as well?

    The update error is because the hosting permissions are set that WordPress doesn’t have permission to write over folders. You can talk to your hosting provider about the best way to change the chmod permissions on the uploads and themes folder to allow for it.




    Yes I still got the errors when the plugins were deactivated. WordPress 3.5.2 and Theme 1.7.

    Okay, I will talk to our hosting provider and hope they know what you mean!


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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