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    In “Template builder” element “Post/Page Content” always outputs without sidebar as “Full width”.

    As a result, I can’t construct a view of page with various elements including page content with sidebar and other blocks (for example “Logo/partnerlist”) without sidebar at the same time.

    In “template builder” with “Blog” element instead “Page/post” element, sidebar works fine.


    I tried to reproduce the issue but I couldn’t – make sure you that the right page template layout is selected:



    Here my screenshoots:

    With blog element :

    with page/post element

    with page/post element (your solution)


    Not sure if this is what you want but I think I came across the same problem and what I did was this:

    After the page/post element, add a page split element and after that add the other element that you have which I think it is a logo/partner list.

    Hope this is what you want.


    Try using the page split as spyrosf7 said. It usually helps break up content and works better when trying to do things with the sidebar and other elements.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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