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    I’m using the template builder to create a basic default layout. I add:

    Page Split – SlideShow Styling

    Header With Breadcrumbs

    Page Split – SlideShow Styling

    Text Area / Call Out

    Page Split – Main Content Styling

    Page Content

    Then when I apply it as a Right sidebar layout, the sidebar seems to be nested in the Text/Callout Area and not in the Page Content area where I would expect it to be. Where do I set it to be where it’s supposed to be in the template?

    Basically, I’d like to have a callout go across each page right under the header and breadcrumbs.


    If I try to display the area for the callout as an alternate styling, it pushes the page content below the sidebar and styles the sidebar as well as the callout … Is there a way to have a fullpage callout with a sidbar under it where the main content would be?


    Hi OcalaWebsiteDesigns,

    Can you link us to an example of what you mean? Maybe we can spot whats going on live and if not, we’ll try and re-create it on our end to see if its a bug within the theme or just in the layout of the items.




    I have removed the top callout from the pages that have a sidebar. Basically it seems to me that you should be able to have a full-width callout above the main content that has a sidebar.

    Currently, if you add a callout to a template, right under the heading and breadcrumb, and the page has a sidebar, the sidebar interferes with the callout. Seems to me that the sidebar should only appear in the main content area so you can have a callout above the main content… I don’t know if I’m explaining that correctly. If I have time today, I’ll make another template and message you the temp login information so you can see the site. (It’s in maintenance mode till I go live) :)


    I think I see what you mean now. I’ll ask Kriesi to look a the interactions and hierarchy for the sidebar and other elements. It looks like there needs to be a bit of definition on which elements cause which effects.

    For the most part, using the page split is the correct way to differentiate the various page sections but where the sidebar gets added in is a bit variable on the other elements.




    I think the element Main Content should always get the sidebar … just my two cents! lol



    This is an issue on the Page Split element. Whenever you add a page split, the sidebar is being remove. This has been fixed on the latest updates. Try to download the latest version of the theme and see if it fixed the issue.




    I was experiencing this problem as well. On Themeforest, I see the last update was Oct 24. I purchased this theme in the beginning of November. Has there been an update since then?



    This has been fixed on the latest version of Avia Themes. Let me tag Kriesi to check it out.





    Problem in this case is that the page split is not meant to be used the way you use it. the page split basically ends the the current div container and opens a new one. the sidebar is added to the first container with a content element in your case the text area…

    Its not really a bug but intended behavior but probably not as clear as it should be from the documentation…

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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