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    Hi all! I have template problem in google Chrome.My gallery dont have square white space 1px between pictures…Also my picture slide have issue to..Two buttons for navigations on slide show are placed on top of another (no inline) also picture name in same slide show at bottom left is off 1px…If you click on photo you have light box pop up and corners have issue of 1px to.It is hard to explain so please visit my site and see your self. My site is I hope you can help me :) …Thx for your help..This is only issue I have in google chrome..Site works fine in Opera,IE,Safari :)


    Hi sasha72,

    I’m not getting any of the issues you mentioned above in Chrome. Is this happening on a mac by chance? Can you also check to see if you are getting the same issues on the demo site here:




    Hi Devin! Your site works fine no problem. I’m not use mac i’m windows guy.I’m using win 7 64bit and google chrome is up to date.. This is relay strange problem.If you need password for my WordPress to check theme let me know. Thx for help!


    Hi Devin! I fix problem i play with theme settings check some files css php java script html also check theme on my other laptop and all looks good.AND I REINSTALL CHROME AGAIN AND THEME NOW WORKS GREAT NO PROBLEM :).For some strange reason my google chrome have some problem but after reinstall all works great.I may have more questions later but for now all looks good.Thanx again for checking in and i hope you like my portfolio ;).


    Hi sasha72,

    Glad that its fixed. :)



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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