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    I have been mobile optimising my site and it seems fine in everything but the horizontal mode in iphone 4s – is there a way to target this using css?

    I am using choices theme if it makes any difference?




    I don’t have an iPhone 4s, yet looking through a simulator everything looks fine, so I am not sure what you are referring to.

    There is an Iphone bug, triggered by a switch between portrait and landscape which causes landscape to overflow. If this is what you mean, you can try this: ( ).

    Try also loading this page ( )using a real iPhone 4s and see if different background colors show when switching between portrait and landscape and view source to see which media query isolates the 4s in landscape.


    Thanks for the reply Nick.

    I didn’t check if it loaded correctly in horizontal straight off just noticed it wasnt displaying properly when it switched from portrait. I don’t have one to test on again till tomorrow so will double check if it only happens when switching.

    I couldn’t figure out what to with the link you sent… bit over my head.

    Thanks in advance




    Sorry, when I read you were mobile optimizing, I got too technical. Please check if everything looks fine when you initially go to the website in landscape view, but becomes distorted if you change from portrait to landscape only, and we go from there.


    Hi Again,

    To me mobile optimising means – playing around with the css: padding, positioning… :)

    I have figured it out now, had the max width set to 480 instead of 478 managed to spot it using chrome and slowly decreasing the browser window width.

    There is still the issue with the banner freezing when switching from portrait to lanscape. It might be easier to just remove the banner on smaller screens tho unless there is an easy fix?

    Thanks for your help




    Besides installing that javascript file in the link i gave you, and even that may not be the right solution since there is no way for me to test it, perhaps working around the 4s bug may be the easiest. Apple is aware of the issue and should fix it.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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