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    Hi Guys,

    – Need your help to create tabs to with one my pages where I can share different elements with our visitors ( Tab1: About, Tab2 Notes, Tab3 Bible stuff). I found some plugins not too sure if they are compatible with incarnation (WP UI)

    – Adding to this I would like to create a form where teh visitors could take notes and foward the notes to them when the sermon is done.

    Please let me know if you have any ideas that will help me accomplish these two goals.



    The tabs ideas is from this link


    Thanks again for looking into this for me



    Create a page, look for the “Insert Shortcode” wand. You can use the Tabbed Content shortcode.

    [tab_container initial_open="1"]

    [tab title="Title 1"]Title 1 content goes here.[/tab]

    [tab title="Title 2"]Title 2 content goes here.[/tab]

    [tab title="Title 3"]Title 3 content goes here.[/tab]

    [tab title="Title 4"]Title 4 content goes here.[/tab]





    Thanks a Million

    what about the content for ”personal notes” any idea what I can add to make similar like example I sent you.


    Hi Madabel5,

    I’m not familiar with anything like that off hand but there may be a plugin available like that somewhere. Maybe just use a simple contact form and only have the two fields be Notes and Email to. I think you could do it with Contact Form 7 so give that a try first.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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