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    Can anyone throw any light on why tables within HTML might be showing differently on different browsers? On a page we are developing for a client using the Choices template what displays perfectly on Chrome shows big spaces between rows on Firefox and squeezed images to the left and right on IE v8.

    Any ideas what we can do about it?


    Hi vernonmyoung,

    The different browsers render the elements slightly differently. So in Chrome, it takes your first row with the image, 1. Text and the third image and adjusts each for its content. In Firefox, it says the first row should be the same height across all three columns regardless of their content and in IE it looks like it mimics the FF behavior.

    You’ll probably need to play around with how your table is structured in order to get them to all look similar. Maybe separating out the major table into separate groups or perhaps simply adding Float left or right the an image in a table will be enough to make IE and FF shrink the row height to the text inside and ignore the image.

    Hope that helps.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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