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    Can’t figure this out. If I lift the code from your documentation it works fine, if I edit it for my own use it goes wrong. Link to the page below…why is there a big space between the tabs and the content?

    This is the code i’m using…


    [tab title='Mon to Thu' active]Tabcontent here[/tab]

    [tab title='Fri to Sun']Tabcontent here[/tab]

    [tab title='All-Day DJ Hire']Tabcontent here[/tab]

    [tab title='Extras']Stuff[/tab]


    Many thanks!


    Bizarre, fixed it.



    [tab title=’test’ active]

    tab content here


    [tab title=’next test’ active]

    tab content here



    Worked much better.



    Glad you got it sorted!

    Best regards,



    Just a note:

    Had the same problem. ianforest’s solution of spacing the lines worked for me too, except I found that only a single tab title should contain “active”.


    Glad that it helpd you :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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