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    Hey everyone! Thanks to Beatriz’s last post, I was able to get the tabs working on my site. I went to the “Reading” option in settings of the WP admin panel, like Beatriz suggested, and I changed my settings to the following:

    Front Page displays: Latest Posts

    Blog Pages Show at Most: 5* Posts

    Syndication feeds show the most recent: 5* Items

    This got all my tabs showing up!! I am assuming that you should set the numbers I have at five to the desired number of pages you would want as tabs.

    This worked for me, I Hope this helps you all!!


    I think you will find it is the “Blog pages show at most” field. It determines how many pages show up on your home page. Setting it to zero or one would probably do it. I believe the default is 10


    Yeah, for some reason mine was set at 1, I do not know if that was a default, or if someone changed that setting when I was using a different theme.


    Glad it worked for ya. No such luck here. Mine were already set proper. Actually they were set a 10. But I took them down to 5 and resaved anyway to see if that would help and it didn’t :(

    Thanks for posting back though.


    Hi notloc27,

    I just got mine going. Thank you for adding to the note of “findings.” I went and added the number of pages to the “Blog Pages Show at Most:” and all the tabs I selected appeared on the home page. However, I do not have anything selected for the “Front page displays”, Front Page, or Posts.


    how are your tabs coming up?


    Jeez, odd man out again lol. Glad it’s working for you guys. Still nothing here. I’m going ahead without them and hope that when I move the site to the real domain when I’m ready to go live that it somehow magically fixes itself. What else can I hope for at this point?


    That’s a bummer. I found that a good alternative for the real tabs was doing the shortcut tab code. You can see what it looks like on my front page at http://blogitstudios.com (but that is if you can get at least 1 page showing up).


    Hey, I am sorry that this didnt work out for some of you but as we have seen here its often a specific wordpress or server setting and not neccessarily a theme problem. It seems the problem got fixed for most of you, If someone is still encountering problems you get a free pass to claim support directly from me. Mail me at “support [at] kriesi [dot] at” with the following subject:

    YOURNAME | Avisio | Tabbed Pages Under Slider Not Showing Up

    Make sure to include a brief description what you have already tried and add the following data to the mail

    • url to your installation
    • access data to your backend
    • please also add a link to this thread so I instantly know whats going on

Viewing 8 posts - 31 through 38 (of 38 total)

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