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    I used the tab container shortcode on the above link. If somebody tries to “reader” option on a browser (Navigate trough the text only)

    the text inside the tab container is not shown.

    Is there any way to fix this?

    Does that mean that search machines do not crowl through this text?


    The tab content is part of the html source code and it’s visible to search engines, crawlers, spiders, etc. – the content is not visible to the user because some css code hides it. I’m not sure regarding the reader option though – I’ll tag this thread for Kriesi.


    Thank you, i m waiting for a reply.



    If you would like to see how google ‘sees’ your website, please sign into Google Webmaster Tools , verify your website, and one of the options lets you see your site through the all seeing eyes of the Google spider.

    Normally anything that is javascript is not read, though maybe because the tabs are reloaded and don’t require a push of the tab to load anything, maybe they are available. and not being triggered by anything, perhaps Google spider is smart enough to see it after all. Your best bet is to spend 5 min setting up GW Tools and test it, also that place provides lots of useful optimization info and extends Analytics, so definitely worth the trouble of signing up.




    YOu dont have to be afraid, google will see the tab content since it checks websites with javascript deactivated, therfore the content will be visible to the google bot. Cant really help with the reader problem, guess we will just have to wait until the reader becomes more sophisticated and detects advanced layout structures like toggles and tabs as well….

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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