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    Is there a way to have the WPML plugin sync the “Featured Media” for portfolio items among different translations?

    At the moment, I have to set all the featured images (for the portfolio slideshow) twice: once for the “original” article, and another time for the translated article, that should be a perfect copy of the first one except for body text (I already have all the original and translated titles and body texts, just need to set up the featured media).

    Similarly, I’d also like to be able to sync the “portfolio meta information” (e.g. skills needed, client and project url in the sample site) among translations, or maybe just copy the values in the original post to the translation, so that I can have a “placeholder text” to translate manually..

    I tried with the WPML Media Translation plugin, but I suspect it does something different.. or anyway it could be able to sync WordPress’ default featured images that are replaced by Flagship’s “featured media”..


    Hi Berza,

    No, not as far as I know. They used to use the same data but Kriesi found that it created unreliable translations and the best way to solve it was to create duplicates for each language that can be customized as needed.

    Its an extra step of work but one that is the best solution and removes the larger issues that would be created otherwise.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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