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    If I were to create a site using Enfold, including your wonderful custom page layout features. and then switch to another Kriesi Avia-based theme, like Flagship, would everything break, or would most of my page layouts and content still look OK?

    I want to be able to show the same site in a few different Kriesi designs to the client, and need to know how much customization work of page layouts would be involved.




    no, switching between Enfold & other themes will not work because Enfold is the first theme which is bundled with the new advanced layout editor and the editor shortcodes are not compatible with other avia themes. Obviously this may change in the future when we release new themes which also use the new layout builder. However you should be able to switch between themes like Flagship, Propulsion, Angular, Eunoia, Incarnation, Abundance and Choices


    OK, thanks. I was building first using Enfold, so glad I asked. Good to know about interoperability between the others though.


    Hey lbdesign,

    I’m not sure of when the next theme will come out with the new builder or if Kriesi will be adding new features to Enfold for a while but at this point you can almost use Enfold to re-create most of the standard themes up to this point. Even Flashlight like styling can be achieved with the 1.7.1 update.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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