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    When adding a .SWF video link in a post under “Use Video instead of Featured Images” all I see when viewing the new published page is an HTTP link to the video, not the video itself.

    How do I fix this?



    You need to add the width and height to the link.

    So, instead of this:

    it should look like this:



    Hi James,

    Your advice above did not work, link below to view. Once on the page, click the “title sequence” sorting button and you will see the actual link from your message above that includes the height and width, but no video. Please help, I have 50 videos and will have to go back to Avisio theme now since .mov and swf. work perfect in portfolio items in that theme, but NOT in this habitat theme.


    Hello? Still waiting to hear back. Adding in the SWF url plus the height and width listed directly below does NOT work. It only shows the url instead of the thumbnail or the video in a lightbox. HELP!! (

    Link to view the problem:


    Thanks for the response James

    I was imputing as you suggested originally and got the same results as 310 Creative posted here:

    I still haven’t found a workaround for using the SWF movies instead of images. Please help.. thank you


    Hi James,

    1. If you looked at the link I actually provided from my last post above, you would have seen that the portfolio title and read more button elements have been removed from the portfolio items, since everything will be using a lightbox. Since this theme does not do what you claimed prior to me buying it then it’s useless to me and I should get a full refund since you made false statements about this themes features above.

    Also I do not want users to have to go to another page that has full screen video inserted that also has a side bar and blank content section below the full-screen video. That would not even make since from a user experience perspective.

    This theme needs to do what you claimed “same portfolio options as Avisio” or I will be requesting a full refund since you made false statements above prior to me buying this theme, which led me to buy the theme.


    Even worse!!! You claimed above that your theme does in fact handle SWF or MOV. Forget about a lightbox not containing videos which sucks in itself, When i insert ( that shows up in the thumbnail preview and also in the actual portfolio post, but as put in the Adobe SWF url you provided above, i get the URL in the thumbnail, NOT the SWF file. That is even more mis-leading….. I spent 50+ hours on this damn theme now I have to walk away from it and use a real video theme like “Breeze”….

    This is the 2nd lie you made about this Habitat theme, the portfolio features are NOTHING like the Avisio theme, like you claimed above, prior to me buying this theme. I will be pushing for a refund, due to your complete mis-representation of this themes portfolio option.

    For people that want to use sefl hosted videos, this theme is 100% USELESS!!!!!!!


    You’re free to contact themeforest for a refund. I’m sorry for any misleading statements I made.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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