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    First, I must say I love your work. Great Theme.

    But, getting to support is a nightmare.

    I was never given any type of Purchase Code in email from Theme Forest. Thus, when I tried to get support for the theme, I could not register.

    Thank God I was able to access my account in Theme Forest and download a certificate.. that had my Item Purchase Code in it.

    I must say, if I had not had the luck to be able to do this, I would NOT have been able to Register in This Support Forum.

    OMG, with something as important as support for a Website Theme.. I would suggest you insure your customers have all that is needed to allow for them to gain SIMPLE entrance into the support forum.

    Not that I want to tell you how to run your business.. but how you run your business effects customers.. and I am one of them.

    At any rate, WordPress send down an update. I installed the update and now I cannot create galleries on pages. It simply does not work any more.

    Help Please

    December 14th, 2011.

    Thank you for any help you may offer.


    At the time I posted this.. I was upset at the new wordpress update screwing up my FLASHLIGHT theme.. and I had a huge, huge headache.. was not thinking straight.

    I figured out how to get registered into Support for the Flashlight theme.. and posted…

    Now I agree, the way they have the registration setup is great.. it weeds out NON CUSTOMERS.

    I would delete this post.. but cannot.

    At any rate, sure need help with possibly an UPDATED flashlight theme.. because the New WordPress update makes it so



    I reported the issue to Kriesi. Did you try to deactivate all plugins? Maybe one is not compatible with WP3.3. I’d also try to upload all theme files & wp core files again because we had various cases in the past where one or more corrupt php/js files caused errors. You’re the first one who reports errors with WP3.3 so I’m not sure if this a theme issue or plugin/setup problem.

    The registration system is necessary because of various reasons. It helps us to fight piracy a bit, it avoids spam comments and the forum is used for support requests only (no presale questions, etc.).


    Not sure what was wrong, but in an effort to fix the site.. I deleted the page that would not let me create a photo gallery on it… then created another page.. and tried to create a gallery.. it worked the very first time as it always had in the past.. so, I guess some code in that page was screwing up the page.

    I had turned off most all plugins.. but have since turned them back on.. all is working fine.

    This is just about my first WordPress site.. I have been using Joomla for probably hundreds of sites.. but wanted to try wordpress as I had seen a lot of awesome sites using wordpress….

    When I found your Flashlight theme.. omg, had to have it.. so,

    Thank you for such awesome support…

    Not sure if you guys did something on your end to fix my site.. but I did what I did and it worked.. so , the site is working great.

    Sorry about being upset at registration .. I can be an ass at times. May be old age!

    Support is awesome! Love you guys.. and if girls.. you too.



    Glad that it works now :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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