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    Does Propulsion integrate the mega-menu code ?

    If not. Does Propulsion support: Ubermenu





    the answer to both question is “no” because the mega menu (and obviously the “Ubermenu” plugin too) would break the responsive design of the theme – this means that ipad, ipod, etc. users can not view the menu correctly. This is also the reason why we decided to use “standard” drop downs for now. Maybe Kriesi comes up with a responsive mega menu in the future. The Ubermenu won’t work “out of the box” with our theme but you probably need php/css skills.


    Thats a mega-disarrangement. :-( The help video you posted on the Propulsion demo site shows a great megamenu. Turns out it only works on abundance then yes?


    Hi martingfisher,

    Which video shows a mega menu for propulsion? Perhaps you mean the normal menu manager located under Appearance>Menus in the wordpress admin area.



    Nope not yet, but as soon as anone has tried please let us know if it works fine, would be curious too :)

    Best regards,



    Anyone tried?


    Ubermenu works with Propulsion (I’ve bought the plugin myself and I’m going to use it w Propulsion on a website). However the styling requires some work and it’s a bit tricky to style everything properly. I’d deactivate the default menu fallback in js/avia.js – you need to delete following code:

    // improves menu for mobile devices
    jQuery('.main_menu ul:eq(0)').mobileMenu({
    switchWidth: 768, //width (in px to switch at)
    topOptionText: jQuery('.main_menu').data('selectname'), //first option text
    indentString: '   ' //string for indenting nested items

    Please understand that I won’t answer Ubermenu related questions (however the plugin author offers a support forum too).

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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