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    Hi, I’m about to make a website for a friend that makes his living as a video producer. So what I need is a theme where I’m able to let him posts his portfolio as youtube videos.

    I think the Avioso looks very good, and especially if I’m able to use the frontpage slider for this purpose.

    So my question is really, will the avisio theme offer this feature with the frontpage slider? Instead of still images, could I embed youtubes that visitors can browse through?

    If you have suggestions to alternative themes that might serve this purpose better I’d appreciate much any tip about such.


    Hi thoddi,

    No, I don’t belive Avisio does support that. I would recommend either Angular or Coherence but Angular has some quirks with video that some video centric users have asked for changes about.

    I’ve not fully dug into Coherence yet, but from what I’ve done so far it has the greatest potential to be a “anything you want and more” theme and has by far the most advanced backend options and I will probably using it for my next project just because of the customization options.

    Angular has the “Portfolio look” however and doesn’t take as much thought to get it looking like a typical creative portfolio. Its very simple to adapt to the design and feel of the individual. Its usually the go-to theme in my mind when I think of someone like a cinematographer, artist or designer.

    Hope that helps :)



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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