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    Please, can you help me to understand why my submenus texts are different (bigger) from your live preview?

    Plz, roll over Portfolio menu, you can check it here:


    Thx so much!



    You’ve got <strong> tags around the text (which explains the size change).

    Check the custom menu page to see if they show up there.

    Best regards,



    Hi James, thx for reply.

    I can’t see any mention for this tag in menu page.

    Here it is: http://www.pulsarstudio.com.br/files/user/robinson/screen_shot1.jpg

    Is there any other place that I can find? How I did it strong?

    Thx again!


    The top level items are meant to have strong tags, though I don’t know why they’re being added to sub-menus.

    The quick fix is to add this to the end of style.css:

    .nav li ul li a strong { font-size:12px !important; }

    I’ll mark this topic for Kriesi to have a look at. :)


    Hi James, thanks for the quick fix. It really works! But I’m a bit curious now and really want to know how I did it to avoid future mistakes.

    I tried to “reset” the theme uploading a clean and untouched “display” folder, but the problem persists. So I think the changes I made translating the theme to my language is not the problem.

    I’m using no additional themes or plugins on WordPress, so I just can’t imagine where the error is.



    It’s most likely something I missed looking through the theme code.

    The demo doesn’t do this so I’m thinking the strong tags shouldn’t be there – hopefully Kriesi will clarify this.




    Hey! You did nothing wrong on this, thats just the way the theme behaves and it seems there is missing a style rule ;)

    The fix james posted a few posts above will make it into the next update ;)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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