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    Can You please help me to make the “portfolio” submenus and “about” submenus exact as Your “DISPLAY” demo site. I tried to do some categories but nothing happens or displayed with sidebar – not like portfolio page. What I`m doing wrong?


    Did you use the “sidebar options” menu under “Display Options” to create your sidebar?



    The sidebar is turned off in display manager options. – this is my test site.

    Please look at Portfolio – there are two categories. The point is to have portfolio view with thumbnails when press one of categories. Now when category is pressed the view is like blog.

    In Your demo site, when press on some portfolio submenu, opens portfolio page with selected category with thumbnails etc.

    The other thing is how to limit text to 5 rows for example and show read more in “test” post shown in frontpage?



    You need to create two sites “Architectural projects” and “Computer graphics”. Then open the menu manager and select both pages as sub pages. Afterwards go to Display options > Portfolio Options. Then you need to select “Add another Portfolio” – add the first page (Architectural projects) as a portfolio and repeat these steps (“Add another Portfolio” > Computer graphics). You also need to select the categories you want to display on the portfolio pages.

    The Dude



    I`m testing now




    All working fine now.

    This is G R E A T theme.


    Glad that I could help…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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