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    So I’m working with a fresh un-modified install of WP 3.3.1 and a fresh install of Display 2.0.5 and am having issues with the submenu…

    When I hover over a menu item, it’s submenu appears, but then when you attempt to move your mouse downward to hover over a submenu item, the submenu disappears. It’s pretty obvious to me that all I need to do is move the submenu upwards via CSS, but (using Chrome’s ‘Inspect Element) I cannot figure out what class of style.css to modify.

    The display block of the “a – nav” is 121px x 30px and looks like it needs to be about 20px downward to allow for a successful access to the submenu. If there is some script that allows the mouse to jump the gap down to the submenu (couldn’t imagine that’s the case) then perhaps it’s not working. Also, perhaps the submenu is simply loading too far down… I don’t know…

    So is this version of Display compatible with my version of WP? Is anyone else having this issue? I even undid the change I made to the logo class in style.css (decreased height due to smaller logo than default)… Nothing. So whatever code is making the submenu inaccessible is what is included with Display… Not due to a mod I made… Please help :(


    Please note that I will be changing my theme until I figure this out. If you need access to the files necessary, let me know.


    So this is what was making the position wrong:

    #top .nav ul {



    top:48px; <

    When changed to 28px, it moves the submenu upwards




    I’m leaving this unsolved because I want to make sure you see this and can address it with your files on


    Okay I’m dumb, I was using wordpress’ menu instead of display’s menu system, so the descriptions weren’t underneath the link. urgh.



    did you solve the problem?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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