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    can I create sub-categories in the Portfolio page ?



    You can create Portfolio categories – the Portfolio uses a custom post type so technically can’t have sub categories because it isn’t a category itself.

    You can see an example of the categories on the demo page (the tabs are all separate categories):


    understand…. thanks.

    is there no way to work with real categories/subcat with the functionality (jquery) of the portfolio ?

    tnks again



    could I avoid to open up the image when i click over a category and put instead a direct link to a custom page ?



    I don’t quite understand your question about sub categories; the Portfolio is set up as a Custom Post Type (think of it as an alternative set of posts). You can add categories and add posts (portfolio entries) into these categories.

    The Portfolio Page Template takes the categories and displays them all so you can filter / sort the entries depending which categories the user wants to see and by date or name.

    You can easily modify the link to point to a custom page by adding a custom field and editing the template to use this if it exists instead of the regular permalink. I have put together a post on how to add the price sort feature as well, have a look if you need help adding a custom field.


    I try to explain what I need.

    I have several categories, for example, Sport, Travel, Photos, Videos, etc etc etc

    I would want to display all these cat in the Portfolio style with some type of sort by filter,

    but when I click over Sport for example, i would want to open a new page with its sub categories and again in portfolio style with new sort by filter.

    Is this possible with Portfolio/post function of CleanCut theme, or should I use standard categories and sub-cat of wordpress ?

    Thanks again


    Ok, I understand what you’re trying to do (use regular Categories and have the Portfolio sorter included), the best way to do this would be to duplicate the code from template_portfolio.php and change the query_string from this:

    $query_string .= "&post_type=portfolio";

    to this:

    $query_string .= "&post_type=post";

    and to change the categories, change this:

    $categories = get_categories('title_li=&orderby=name&hide_empty=0&taxonomy=portfolio_entries&include='.$k_option['portfolio']['matrix_slider_port_final'][$overview_post_id]);

    to this:

    $categories = get_categories();

    This is an extensive modification and there are other bits to do to get it just right. I can guide you for specific questions but I don’t have the time to make the whole modification for you.


    Thank you very much James,

    i’ll try to start with this right now, i hope I can finish the work from myself.



    Hi James,

    I made these first modifications to the template_portfolio page, but the result is …. blank body in the main area of my portfolio page.

    Should I change some other thing to populate my portfolio page ?

    tnks in advance


    maybe i have to point to categories instead of portfolio….

    How can I create a menu to open up a categories poage, like portfolio does ?

    maybe this is more specific question….



    hello james,

    in themeforest about your themes, once i saw a page where people can be hired to work in order to get what I need.

    Could you send my the link at least ? I really need to solve my problem soon…





    Hi, this was a interesting topic for me ‘cuz i want the same thing.

    Most of all i would like to have sub-nav in portfolio-style, but if that does’t work

    i want the oppertunity to set whatever http://-link for portfolio-item.


    no, these changes to the template_portfolio doesn’t work at all for me…


    Hello James,

    how can I show hyerarchical Portfolio subcategories in sort_by_cat div ?


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