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    very new to WordPress and I thought I better get a theme for a business use. I purchased Brightbox, hoping I could take the theme and work backwards. Changing the stock mock up. But, it seems more like a tool kit. Is there a way to set it up like the demo? So, I could change out images and make it into our design?

    I also get the “Stylesheet is missing” error on the Theme page. Any pointers on how to fix that?




    If you go to your theme options there is a button for importing the dummy data. I would check that your style sheet has been uploaded by checking your style folder.



    Hummm, I have installed the dummy data, and also another theme called Karma. Both have this same error. I think its beyond my knowledge on checking the “style folder” I was hoping buying a Theme was going to be more easy than the ones in WordPress. I am lost on even how to change the home page. Its filled with stuff that does not look like the demo :~( Maybe I need to get another theme more set up?


    Dont give up and Dude will be along to help with your lost style sheet (have you been to theme options and selected the style that you want. Have you read through the manual that will be in the original zip file to help you get going. I would take some time to read through that a couple of times. Karma has a manual and online support as well. Brightbox is easier to get to grips with than the karma theme in my opinion.



    this and (Purchase code hidden if logged out) ” class=”bbcode_url”>this could help you :)



    I did upload the zip, and deleted the theme and did it again. Same error. Now my site has 3 Home page menus, and 3 blog.

    Its way over my head, and I destroyed what I had with the default theme. How can I revert back and delete this theme, Sorry, it is way to complicated for me.

    BTW, when you post here, should it not inform you of a reply?



    sorry to hear that you’ve troubles with Brightbox. If you’d like to deinstall it go to wp admin panel > Appearance > Themes and activate “TwentyEleven” or any other theme. Then deinstall the Brightbox theme. I’m not sure why you’re getting the error but maybe it has something to do with the server (PHP version? WordPress version?).

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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