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    I tried installing this them on my wordpress blog and an error came up and it said that the stylesheet was not included




    please unzip the package you got from ONE time. You should get a folder which contains PSDs, Docs and another zip file (which is called This zip file is the right file. Go to your wordpress admin panel and navigate to Appearance > Themes. Then select the file, upload & install it. You can also unpack this zip file and upload the resulting folder via ftp to wp-content/themes.

    Also have a look at this tutorial video


    I am having problem installing Clean Cut. I do not have access to FTP so need to upload from WordPress. When I unzip the file, I cannot find the file I need to use.

    4 files are on the first level, __MACOSX, documentation_html, html (zip), psd (zip).

    When I try to upload html or psd it does not work. when i compress _MACOSX or documentation_html it also does not work.

    I have been searching through the files for other files to upload or zip and cannot find how to do so.

    I have watched tutorial video 3 times, and read through all the posts I could find regarding this. Thanks! Tim



    Maybe you bought the hrml version instead of the wp version? There’re two versions – the wordpress version: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -theme/109677 and the html version: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -and-portfolio-template/99235 . If you’d like to use CleanCut with WordPress you need to buy/use the first version. The second version contains standalone html files only (without wordpress/cms/php, etc. code). Please contact the themeforest/envato support team: and ask them for an item exchange.


    This is exactly what happened! Thank You


    Glad that I could help you :)


    I’m also having a problem uploading the zip file to WP. I unziped the package I got from themeforest as suggested above. After that I had two zip files, Corona and PSD. Which one do I use to upload to WP?

    What happens to the other files that I don’t upload, aren’t they needed? The other files are _MACOSX, documentation, license, and then a word doc called version_corona.

    Thank you.



    upload the file. The psd files are graphics/image source files – you can edit them with Photoshop or Gimp. They’re very helpful if you’d like to customize any theme graphics (css background images, icons, etc.).

    The _MACOSX is useless and appears on Windows – PCs only. It’s created by Macintosh PCs (temporary zip data, etc.). documentation and license is self explaining I think.

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