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    Okay first of all sorry I didn’t verified this properly the first time i asked. I asked for this before and I got an answer, checked it briefly and it seemed ok but it was either because of the browser cache or something else because, it actually didn’t work so here I ask again and I apologize.

    – I need to have streched layout WITH black (or custom image) background inside the content area (it’s white by default) ONLY on the homepage and, have boxed layout (just default as it is now … for example black background around the box, white inside, with black header+footer … settings are availble in the theme options so it’s ok). To summarize:

    Homepage: streched layout with black header+black content area+black footer

    Rest of website: boxed layout with black header+black background outside the box+white background inside the box+black footer

    I can provide admin and ftp accounts for this as the site is in maintenance mode and I have a full backup just in case, just provide an email and i’ll send you the details.

    Now I also have 2 other question but I think they are not related to Abundance and only to WooCommerce (I will post them in the woocommerce github as well but hey doesn’t hurt asking)

    – Any idea how i could achieve the following: I have a woocommerce setup as follows:

    Main Product Category>Subcategory>Child of Subcategory>Products

    Now what i need is to have the woocommerce Product Categories widget to display ONLY 1 Main Category (with all it’s Subcategories and Childs of Subcategories) because, I will have direct links to each Main Category and I need the user to see only that Main Category listed once inside it not the others too.

    – Where exactly to add a new currency in woocommerce 1.5.1: woocommerce-functions or woocommerce-core-functions?


    Another customization which again might only be related to woocommerce (I did post a Issue on the woocommerce github as well) but it doesn’t hurt asking here too:

    Would it be possible to have a product category link to a custom page? I imagine it can be done if the product categories would have permalinks and also it would need the Product Category widget to display categories that don’t have any products in them.


    As proof that I’m not very organized … I found another note I wanted to ask you about:

    I plan to use a plugin on my webpage that embeds an mp3 as music background. It’s a 35×15 icon activated by a shortcode. I was wondering how can i add it in the footer area where the Copyright is but aligned to the very right. If it’s not possible to insert the shortcode there I can embed the flash object directly in the footer.php somewhere i guess but all my attempts to do that ended with the whole Copyright area getting displaced and sometimes I had the social icons appear under also.

    Any suggestions?


    Hi vrfx,

    From the previous adjustment in (Purchase code hidden if logged out) , can you provide a screenshot of what is not working correctly?

    As for the other questions, WooCommerce customization would need to be handled through WooThemes for the most part. If you add content to the footer.php, you need to make sure you have a class or div created in your custom.css to tell the browser what to do with this new content otherwise it will cause some issues.


    Sorry I was away for a couple of days but here are the required screenshots with the previous adjustment:



    Basically it’s now streched layout everywhere on the site even if the backend is set as Boxed Layout in Abundance Theme Options. As previously stated I can provide admin and ftp accounts if someone from support wishes to take some time to figure this out.


    After asking on the woocommerce github I think I found a bug related to Abundance theme.

    If the Product Categories widget is used with both “Show hierarchy” and “Show children of current category only” options ticked when you click on a certain category it should only display the children of that category + the names of the other main categories without their children. In Abundance it will only display the names of the main categories without any children.


    I’m still waiting for a solution for the following:

    1. Streched layout only on the homepage and boxed layout on the rest of the website and how to make the streched layout all black (including the white main container)

    2. A solution for the Product Categories widget to display correctly “Show hierarchy” and “Show children of current category only”. Notice that when used with the default wordpress theme this widget displays correctly but in Abundance it does not.

    Thank you.


    ok i am not sure why dudes code from the previous thread shouldnt work but here is another try. replace his code:

    if (is_home){
    $style = 'stretched';
    $style = avia_get_option('boxed','boxed');

    with this:

    if (is_front_page()){
    $style = 'stretched';
    $style = 'boxed';

    Since the frontpage now is the only page with the class “stretched” you should be able to modify the fonts and colors like this:

    .stretched #wrap_all, .stretched #main{

    I will take a look at the issue with the widget but this is unfortunately nothing I can solve right now, hope I find the problem while testing for the next update which should arrive duringt he next few days


    Good news! This code works even though it disables the option to choose layout in the backend, I don’t need that anymore anyway. And why Dudes code didn’t work I dunno but … it didn’t. Feel free to try it when and if you want.

    About the widget issue if you want to reproduce the problem I’m facing please note that I use a 3 row deep setup for Product Categories like this: Main Category > Subcategory > Child Category.

    I will update the status of the topic as solved now, I triple checked it does work in this current form.

    Thank you.



    Basically both solutions should work, however sometimes the conditional tag may vary based on the configuration (is_home/is_front_page are slightly different).

    Best regards,




    Hey! Would you mind telling me what exactly doesnt work with the widget categories? Seems to work fine for me, as long as I check “hierarchical” in the widget options…

    Best regards,


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