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    Hello, i don´t know what happens, but the images in the slider are shown ok, and after 1 second they zoom distorting themselves, changes the picture and happens the same… i have trying deleting pictures, uploading new ones with different sizes, and changing configurations for the slider but i don´t find any reason for it:

    You can see what i mean in:

    My slideshow configurations are:

    Featured Slider – 8

    Autoplay Should the slider auto-rotate?Yes

    Autoplay Duration : 2

    Transition Speed: 900

    AviaSlider additional Settings

    Rectangle height : fullsize

    Rectangle width: fullsize

    Transition Type:fade

    Box delay between transitions: 250


    You need to upload the images in the right dimensions or the slider starts to zoom in/out. Please upload images with 940px width and 440px height – like this picture

    The Dude


    But i changed the Slider dimensions from the style.css to 940x300pix, is not posible to upload pictures with this size?

    If i upload 900×440, the system crops them!




    When you upload an image, WordPress crops it according to the sizes set in functions.php. If you want the images to be resized to 940px by 300px, change the value here and re-upload the images.

    The CSS will also need adjusting but you already seem to have done that :)


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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