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    A couple of days ago I posted the following comments:

    “My site seemed to be fine this morning but when I started working on it after lunch I noticed that ALL the products were displaying the same description (which is unique to one specific product). I checked all the products. In editing each product has its own information. To test what was happening I deleted the product description on the product page that was being displayed on all the other product pages. This resulted in none of the pages displaying product description – even though in editing this information exists. I have viewed the site in 3 different browers (chrome, safari and firefox) all with the same results. I have also viewed the site on 3 different computers. Same result.

    Thought I’d try deleting that product that was causing all the issues. Now it appears to be fine. I have added the product again and everything seems fine. The only issue is that it will not let me use the SKU number that goes with the product.”

    Today I have another issue. I have been uploading product images. Everything seemed to be fine (except that I had to continually login to my site) but now all the individual product pages – they are all showing the same category on the right hand side of the page . All the information in edit is correct but the website shows only the one category on individual product pages.

    The main menu still shows all the categories and when you click on any you go to that category.

    I have turned off any unnecessary plugins. That didn’t help. The Woo commerce plugin is up to date. So I’m out of ideas. Any suggestions would be great.

    Thanks in advance.


    Just one more thing.

    I have just noticed that it is not another issue – it’s the same issue but with another product page. It is not just the category.

    All products are showing the same product information.

    So once again I deleted that problem product.

    This time it did not return to normal. ANOTHER product is dominating all individual product information.

    How do I fix this.

    I need help.

    Thanks in advance


    Also please note that I keep having to login. What’s with that?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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