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    First of all – the custom widget areas – there is no way to have entire custom sidebars per page, right? Because a custom widget area is being ADDED to the existing global widgets, I don’t want that – I don’t want to add all global widgets to the custom widgets!! But anyway…

    Now, my issue is with the custom widget areas. I’ve added a custom area, for 1 page, and added 2 text widgets there. The first text widget is displayed on – it’s the first sidebar widget…

    The problem? (Purchase code hidden if logged out) / – look at the sidebar on that page.

    Why is it a link to itself?


    Hi xorred,

    If I understand your first paragraph correctly, you’re asking if you can have a custom sidebar for each page. So for example, would have it’s own sidebar with its own widgets and would have its own sidebar with its own widgets. Is this correct? If so, the answer to your question is yes.

    In order to setup a custom sidebar, you would go to Angular > Theme Optoins > Sidebar then select the page that should receive a new widget area and click the + icon. After doing that you would go to Appearance > Widgets > Page: Whatever Your Page Name Is and your widgets.

    As you noted above, by default you have some widgets that are displayed on every page. If you prefer not to have the same widgets displayed on every page you can simply delete those from under the “Displayed Everywhere” sidebar. Once you do that then the global widgets will disappear and you’ll have only the widgets from the custom sidebar you created.

    As far as the widget being a link to itself, I wouldn’t be able to tell you the cause unless I saw the back-end. From the front-end, it appears you used the Custom Menu widget?

    Hope this helps!




    The problem is that this page links to itself, yes. There should NOT be a link to page X on page X, right? That is a bug. I can’t post the wp admin credentials here and I think the theme dev should look into it.

    To replicate: Have a parent page, link to a child page of it in the sidebar (text widget link).

    The child page links to itself on the sidebar. That’s a problem. It should not happen. Google will enter into a loop and punish that page!


    Hi Xorred,

    Okay, I see now. Sorry, the “text widget” aspect was throwing me off.

    The theme has a built-in sub-navigation that automatically appears on the parent page as well as any child pages as soon as you create a child page. The fact it links to itself even though you’re on that page is not a bug. If you notice your main navigation behaves the sames.

    Example from the demo:

    That URL takes you to the Template Files page but you still click the Template Files link in the main navigation.

    As far as Google goes, I know nothing about pages linking to themselves causing Google to enter into a loop and punish the page. Mind you I’m not a SEO expert I only go with what Google’s Webmaster Guidelines say.




    I am using the Woo plugin they released recently to manage sidebars now…


    Hi Xorred,

    Okay. Just be aware that the WooDojo was just released and Kriesi has yet to test. You may experience some strangeness. If you want to keep up-to-date there’s already a thread started here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)



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