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    Hi There – I’ve just added some prices to a product on the Abundance theme and an annoying search widget has appeared over the top of my products on the products page – please go and see

    screen shot here

    can you tell me how to remove this?




    Your site is under maintenance. You can inspect the new search div, then on your custom.css set it to display:none.




    Hi Ismael – sorry the site is now public – I did try to set the div to display none but it didn’t work. Can you advise as to what id/class I need to target? Thanks


    Hi ShortieD,

    What browser and Operating System are you using? I can’t seem to see the issue on my end. I tried to add some items to cart and hover to other items, but still the issue doesn’t show up. Is there some certain instances that triggers this issue?




    Hi Ismael – it’s very strange – I just checked in Firefox and it’s not appearing. So I had another look and I’ve fixed the issue – for some reason it was some kind of pop up that was part of Chrome. Odd – had to go to to deselect options to use it.

    I’m using Chrome on Mac OSX




    Glad that you found the problem.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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