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    sometimes when the site opens the menu at the top is all messed, see link…and screenshot, but once i log into the site it seems to go back to normal?

    any ideas?


    Hi zzalienzz,

    Two things, do you have the main menu defined in the Appearance>Menus manager of wordpress?

    If you have any caching plugin installed at all, try refreshing its cache.




    HI Devin,

    the menu is defined and there is no cache plugin installed?

    anything else?




    Hi zzalienzz,

    Try grouping your menu items so that the number of menu items showing up will be reduced. As of now you have 24 menu items, that is what’s causing the issue.




    Hi Ismael,

    sorry for the delay but I have been busy working on adding products to the site, but I need to get back to this menu issue…I think I was unclear above..

    how menu should look ->

    how menu comes up until you log into the website ->

    I only have 8 main menu items.



    Please send your login details to ///. Let me check you Menus.

    Don’t forget to include this topic on your email.



    HI Ismael,

    sorry to be a pest but the problem still persists…



    Those extra menu items that are not present on the menu itself. What are they? Are they all posts, categories? When it lists a whole bunch of them, did it use up all the remaining posts/pages/ etc… available or are some ignored? Basically what I mean is, if you were to make that same menu, would you be able to squeeze even more buttons on it or it added everything available? There is a checkbox – automatically add new pages… Turn it on and see if the order of extra buttons is same or different. Delete the menu., first take the buttons off it. Create new menu using a different name. Please let us know your progress.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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