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    Hello. For some reason the page title on my site is showing correctly on Google Search, but the page description is incorrect. It is only displaying a particular blog post, which I can’t understand why. I am also using the All in One SEO plugin, which I haven’t had issues before. Any ideas of what’s going on, and how this could be fix?





    What’s the site URL and the Google search terms which find it?



    Hi James,

    URL is

    In google, the search term is: flrtee

    In google, my homepage results are properly showing the Title, but the description is referring to the footer.

    Also, concerning my blog, the description of one particular blog post always appears….I don’t understand why. Thanks for any advice



    I have a similar problem with my website : It’s on line for 2 weeks now and google can’t find it, even if I put “at automobile” as a request. If I put “”, google finally find it but in the fourth position and the description is the description of the “under construction” page of my internet hosting service.

    For me it’s a major issue. Can you help me ?



    Maybe use a sitemap.xml and register for google webmasters to force google to index your site. Try popular seo plugins like all in one seo (or better but more complex) yoast seo….

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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