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    When I select no long on the post thumbnail option it keeps the thumb from being clickable from the home page (post previews). But when I actually click to go into the full post, the thumbnail is again clickable. I don’t want it to be clickable. How would I implement that change please.

    Thanks very much.



    I’m not sure if there’s something I’m doing wrong, as I haven’t received a response. Please let me know. The bottom line is that I don’t want the thumbnail photos to be clickable/enlargable from the full post. How do I accomplish that. Thanks very much.



    Could use some help with this as well.


    I’ve located the code in the theme that controls this but do not feel comfortable modifying it. Can you please help or at least respond to this request.


    I don t think you are explaining your problem clearly.

    You are clicking the thumbnails on the homepage and that takes you to the post, then on the post page you also see the thumbnail and it is clickable? Is that it?

    Here is what you are doing wrong: When you are adding a Featured image, after your uploaded the image, click on the link that says “Use as featured image” then “save all changes” and nothing else. I think that what you are doing is after you uploaded the Featured image you are also adding it as an image in the post and are probably clicking the “insert into post” button. Try again without “insert into post” and you should have that featured image only show as a thumbnail on the homepage and NOT on the page itself.

    Does that help?


    When you look at the html of the post when editing it you should not see any <img src=”… in it. If you do it means you have added the image into the post. If you want to remove the link just remove the and around the image in the code and next time you add an image make sure to not select it as a link to the image. If you are confused just remove the tag



    As @monsoon says, I need clarification on which thumbnails you want to change.

    Can you post the URL(s) where you want to make changes?

    Best regards,



    Thanks for writing Monsoon and James.

    No Monsoon, I’m not inserting image in post. I’m selecting “set thumbnail” and that’s it. There is JS: “pp_hoverContainer”… which is yielding a 370 x 700 image that’s I’m trying to avoid.



    Either way I need the site URL or a screenshot so I know what you’re referring to…



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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