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    If I create a template with portfolio + sidebar, it will show the widgets in “sidebar blog”.

    How do I stop this from happening?


    Also, how do I choose which sidebar I want to appear with the portfolio template?



    It depends on how you go about creating the portfolio. There are two ways of going about it. The best way is to

    1) Create the portfolio individual pages, add them to portfolio categories

    2) Go to Choices > Template Builder and create a template (example) My Cool Portfolio and click save

    3) Click ‘My Cool Portfolio’ on the left menu, and from the dropdown box in the center of the page select ”Dynamic Template Page Layout’ , here is where you can decide if you want a sidebar on right left or none.

    4) Add Element ‘Portfolio’ from the second dropdown. and click the little arrow on the right side of the Portfolio Tab.

    5) You will see all the presets for your Portfolio. Play around with them , add the appropriate categories, and click Save. (see

    6) Create a new Page , just give it a title, and on the right bottom area select the ‘My Cool Portfolio’ from the drop down list of Layout: Overwrite default Post Layout.

    Based on what your selection is in step 3 , you portfolio will have no sidebars, or right / left sidebar

    Good luck,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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