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    Hello all,

    I had this question before and it was solved but when I updated woocommerce the problem was back and I don’t get it the way it was. I had a question about the stock info. First you could see how many products there were in stock. I wanted only the words “in stock”.

    In the class-wc-product.php I had to comment this line: $availability = sprintf( __('%s in stock', 'woocommerce'), $this->stock );

    But I updated woocommerce and I have again a number after the in stock. (In stock – 10 available) The line is still in comment so how come and how to fix this?

    Thanks a lot,



    Nobody? I really need this fixed for a client.



    I searched the files and found following occurences of “in stock”:

    woocommerceadminpost-typesproduct.php , woocommerceclassesclass-wc-cart.php and woocommerceclassesclass-wc-product.php – I think woocommerceclassesclass-wc-product.php is still valid. Maybe it’s a server cache problem. It’s quite strange that (even after the update) the code is still the same and in comment.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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