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    I ran a test on Pingdom like I was asked and it doesn’t say anything that is causing my site to load slow and I have also deleted plugins which I didn’t have many to begin with and I am not being told what is causing the load time to take so long. My site ran fine until the update in WordPress and your theme update and now it is extremely slow. Google Developers say backend error when I run the test and Pingdom doesn’t say anything as well.

    I am going to evidently change my theme to your Enfold theme but until then I need this theme to function properly. I haven’t changed anything on my site for months and am very curious on what is causing this extreme slow load time.


    I’m starting to think it may not be your theme I tried a different theme and got the same error with loading issues. I am unsure on what caused this issue but I assumed it would be your theme since your theme was all I had activated for the last few months.



    I hope you’re doing well today. Thank you for the question.

    If you’re experiencing the same load issue when the Enfold theme is NOT activated then maybe it is a server-side issue. Another thing that could cause slow loading speed are plugins. Please deactivate all of them, see if the issue persist. You might want to use caching and minifying plugins to optimize page speed.

    Please ask your host for any possible fix.

    Best regards,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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