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    I know there has been several topics about problems with wordpress 3.1 upgrade and Kriesi themes.

    In my case, I purchased Avisio theme. I got problems when upgrading, like many people. Then I decided to downgrade to version 3.0.5;

    But I still get all my bugs (see on

    – Problems with permalinks especially in the portfolio section, where portfolio items are ‘404 errors’

    – Backgrounds disappearing : behind the homepage slider, in the area under logo and navigation menu, in the footer. In all these areas we see the page background instead

    In last week topics, you mentioned that themes’upgrades would be released last week, but we see nothing coming. I start a little bit losing my patience because I have to officially put this website online and I can’t for the moment. My client is wondering why I can’t fix problems faster. I have to make him wait…

    So please, consider that we work with your themes and there are clients in front of us. Try to release the upgrades very soon, because we paid for your themes and the support.

    Thanks a lot.


    If The Theme update is not ready yet, can you at least help me with the backgrounds that disappeared ?

    Secondly I noticed that my grey styles (for example on links or contact buttons) have been replaced by blue ones. Can you help me for that too ?




    1) Did you try this portfolio fix: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -habitat#post-13666 ?

    2) A quick fix for the background image problem – open up style.css and insert following code at the very bottom:

    body { background-image: url('http://my-image.jpg') !important; }

    Replace http://my-image.jpg with the path to your image.

    3) Can you point me to a page where the link color problem occurs. I couldn’t find blue links and the contact button seems to be a blue image…

    We’ll release an update notice. It’s ready soon but Kriesi wanted to make sure that all bugs will be adressed by the updates (not only W3.1 bugs) and delayed the release a bit.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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