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    Hey again. Just wanted to check back in. I posted earlier wondering how I can have a scrolling series of images on the frontpage with the blog beneath. I’m quite new at all this, so forgive me if it is a ridiculously simple question….

    ~Andy (



    You can use the template builder. Insert a slideshow then insert a blog below. Assign the template to one of your pages.




    Pardon me Ishmael, but I don’t see a template builder in Sentence. I know that this is something that Kriesi usually puts in his themes but it seems like he left it out of this theme because he wanted it to be a blog. Unless there is something that we are missing here?


    I too would be very interested in how to find the template builder functionality.


    Hi All,

    I believe Ismael was incorrect and just responded a bit too quickly. Sentence is built as more of a specific use theme and does not come packaged with the functionality of the template builder and Dynamic Templates.

    To do what Andy is describing, you would need to modify the index.php file and or the includes>loop-index.php files to get the layout you want. Its not overly difficult but it will take familiarity with php/html/css.




    Yes, Sentence does not offer the template builder. The only workaround is to create a post which is just intended as place holder/container for your images and then (when you publish it) make it sticky. This way it will be on the top and newer posts will always appear underneath this post on the blog page.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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