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    Hi, I some how managed to get this plugin working quite alright.

    But here is my problem;

    I would really would love to place the languages option more visible, and it would be Ideal to place it above the navigation bar.

    the site is http://e-mixmaster.com

    Any ideas any one ? Right now the language option is on the bottom columns.

    THANKS !



    In this case you need to insert your translator code into header.php before following code:

    <!-- end container-->




    Thanks for the reply, but since I am not a programmer…

    Wehre do I find the translator code ? on its editor ?

    and then … it is a lot of code, if it is the one on its editor

    where is this header.php ?

    I am very sorry but I just grab chunks of things and paste them here and there but I actually have no idea why all this works..

    so can you be more specific in explaining how, not just the what .

    And again thank you very much !


    header.php can be found in the theme directory (wp-content/themes/broadscope) or you can use the wordpress theme editor (admin panel > Themes > Editor) to edit this file. Unfortunately I’m not familiar with the Stella translation plugin and I can’t tell you what needs to be done. I’d try to contact the plugin author or to hire a freelancer who can help you to integrate the plugin code into Broadscope.


    I have written to them several times this week, but they do not answer.

    So I would like to try if any thing will work,

    What would happen if I copy all the plugin’s code and paste it over there on the header.php ?

    or… if I can look on some portion of the plugin of it to copy…


    The code doesn’t help much and I’ll delete it (I’m not sure regarding the copyright so…). I found the documentation here: http://store.theme.fm/files/2012/06/Stella-Documentation.pdf but I couldn’t find something useful in it. You can try the stella_get_lang_list() function (you can call it like:

    <?php stella_get_lang_list(); ?>

    ) however not sure what the end result is…


    Thanks I will try to put that call on the header.php

    Sorry for posting the code, I just realize now the copy right thing.


    So I will put it like this …right ?

    <?php stella_get_lang_list(); ?>



    <!– end container–>








    It did not work, but thanks for trying !

    Best !


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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