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    I am using WordPress with a fixed start page. Now I want to include a Blog to the website. I did the setup in “settings – read” start page = start and article page = blog.

    Same is done in the theme options (Frontpage settings = start and blog = blog).

    I added the category “News” to my menu but it looks like this:


    There is no content displayed. Also I do not get a bigger whithe text area.

    Any ideas?


    Hi JonCimen,

    In the wordpress options, change the setting to “Most recent posts” so that the theme option and the wordpress options are not conflicting.

    For the theme option for Blog, you just need to make sure that page has no template assigned to it and the posts will be output to it. You can then add that pages link to your menu.




    I think I did not get you. The wordpress options and the theme options are not conflicting. Both are giving a static start page (start) and a blog page (blog).

    I inserted the page blog in my menu. The page did not have any template assigned but my articles do not show up. I only get a result as in my screenshot.


    The option only needs to be set in the Theme options which rely on the wordpress setting to be set to the “Most recent posts” option.

    Otherwise the settings *are* conflicting with each other.


    Okay. I tried it but it has no impact. Problem still exists.


    In that case we’ll need to take a look at the site live.

    If you have any plugins active, go ahead and de-active them as well so we can rule out any kind of conflict with the themes basic functions.

    So right now in your wordpress settings you don’t have the front page and blog pages defined. In the Theme Options, you have the Frontpage and Blog defined using the dropdowns in those options.

    Can you link us directly to the page you have designated as the “Blog” page?




    I found the error. The plugin WP-HTML-Compression gave me that error. After deactivating it everything works.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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