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    Im trying to setup a static homepage using the method discrubied in this post

    but its not working, the accordian slider im tring to use still wont not show up on my front page. Infact this didnt seem to really change anything. Am I missing something? or perhaps im editing the wrong index.php? I just edited the index.php that came in the zip and reuploaded it via FTP.

    For this I tried a couple diffrent things I tried it with the settings, in settings – reading to a static homepage as the same one I wanted, as well as tried leaveing it with out this setting on.

    The static homepage will show up but my accordian slider wont. when you say page ID is 10. what do you mean by this, the title or the page order (of which i tried both), I also tried chainging the 10 in the index.php to to the title of my page, But I cant seem to find away to get it to work. Do I have to set it up as the staticweb address of the main page. ie. http://www.mywebsite/home ?


    Anyone out there know what I can do ? Please I need help on this before I can get my website up and running



    The page_id should be the ID of the page which shows up in the status bar when you hover over it in WP admin on the edit pages page: (this refers to the category ID but the principle is the same).



    Thanks for the reply James so I did what you said I hovered over it in the edit section and what shows up in the status bar is

    /post.php?post=220&action=edit. So is it the 220 that I need to use? since in your example it actually says ID = 1. But mine dosnt seem to make reference to it.

    Thanks for the help James I Appreciate it alot!



    In your example above, the page_id is 220 :)



    Awsome thanks for the help James

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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