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    Hi there, I have just updated to wordpress 3.5 and found that I am no longer able to create my product pages in the way I had been doing previously.

    Because of the layout I wanted, I was not using the featured image box provided with the theme. Instead when I wanted to insert a featured image in a wordpress page or product page, I hit the image insert icon, chose the image and then had the option to use the image as a featured image, before additionally inserting it into the post.

    This is the way I created all 250 of my product pages.

    With the new version of wordpress which I installed today, this feature is no longer available from within the image insertion box. The only option is to insert the image into the page. Although there is a box that states you can click it to exclude the image from the product image gallery (which I assumed would be the product overview page), NOT clicking this box does not result in the image appearing as featured.

    So although I can create product pages, I have no way of getting the images into the shop overview page!

    This is a real problem. Any ideas how to resolve it?



    You should be able to use the “featured media” option field. Go to the product editor page and scroll to the “Featured media – add any number of images and/or videos” field. Click on the “Add Image to slideshow” button and set one or more images. The first slideshow image will also be set/used as “featured image/post thumbnail”.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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